Over A Century of Excellence

Saunders...... Established over a century ago

When it was established over a century ago, no one could have known that William F. Saunders' livery stable, on West Onondaga Street, in the city of Syracuse, would grow into one of the best-known commercial and residential ready-mix concrete families in central New York.

Livery sales were somewhat similar to the cab company of today, but used horses and carts to do the transporting. Unlike the taxis of today, however, livery sales transported both people and products. It was the transportation of these products that propelled William F. Saunders into his company's first stage of prosperity.

At the turn of the century, William F. moved into the sand and gravel business with his three sons, Wallace W., Cass E and Sherman V. Sr. It would not be long before W.F. Saunders & Sons would become what they are today.

In 1921, in addition to selling and transporting sand and gravel, the company expanded into the mining and hauling business and moved to its current headquarters on Route 80 in Nedrow, NY. By the 1940's due to the boom of new home and business construction after World War II, they had developed into the ready-mix concrete business.

By this time, Sherman V. Sr. had taken over the majority of the responsibilities associated with running a family owned business, until his retirement. His son, Sherman V. Saunders Jr., was at the helm until his death in 2003. Michael Saunders, following in his father’s footsteps, his grandfather’s before that, and great grandfather before that, aided him until his death in 2013. Today, Tracy Saunders manages all aspects of the business.

Today, more than one hundred years after it began, now known as the Saunders Companies, the company has grown into a leader in the concrete and aggregate business with eleven satellite plants, nearly one hundred mixer and dump trucks, over one hundred twenty-five employees and a new generation of the Saunders family tradition.

The plants, which are located in Nedrow, Marcellus, South Onondaga, Ithaca, Cortland, Oneida, Whitney Point, Lisle, Norwich, Greene and Bainbridge and a portable plant, make up a Company whose operations run from the raw materials to the finished product.

In addition to its ready-mix operations, the Marcellus location is home to the Company's high quality limestone reserves quarry, and a crushing and screening facility as well as sand and gravel.

The crushing and screening process allow the Company to produce both coarse and fine aggregates at specifications required in the concrete used by the New York State Department of Transportation.

The Company also has sand and gravel operations in South Onondaga and to the South, Whitney Point, also a sand and gravel operation.

The growth, however, does not stop here. A quality control laboratory, research and development projects with Cornell University, portable ready-mix plant, and computerized operations including a state of the art central dispatch command post and global positioning units (GPS) in the ready mix trucks, are leading the Company through the 21st Century at an unstoppable pace.

The Saunders Companies may have changed dramatically to survive throughout the past years, but one aspect that will never change is the Company's commitment to quality, and the Saunders family's dedication to the employees, their customers and the community.


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